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  • Accelerate your business and increase your bottom line

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Welcome to Priority One Business & Financial Advice

Consolidating the daily grind of business management

From bookkeeping, payroll, and expense processing to tax management and business planning; Priority One brings a centralised financial management system to your business – eliminating errors and allowing you to do more with your data than just lodge tax returns.

In short, we simplify the process of growing your bottom line and giving you back what is truly important – your time.

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See exactly what's happening in your business

Using our regular reports, you’ll gain a CEO view of your business, with each major financial benchmark scored against industry averages. You’ll gain an understanding of how you’re performing, areas that can be improved, and how you can improve them. Know where you stand at any time with up-to-date financial, so you can make informed decisions.


Consolidate all your services

Save fees from paying multiple service providers via Priority One’s all-in-one service. We do all the hard yards of business management so you can focus on what really matters – your core business.


Let us handle your expenses

Keep your finances stress-free with Priority One, as we’ll set up systems to pay all your expenses before they fall due. In saving you time, we can help you get back to being the CEO of your business, not the bookkeeper.


Forget about billing by the minute

Under our agreed fixed fee, you know your accountant won’t be watching the clock, so you don’t have to watch for burgeoning bills.