What's the difference between Priority One & a traditional accountant ?

Priority One is a single coherent system combining administration, accounting, tax and business advisory. So instead of running around hiring book-keepers, consulting accountants and explaining every bit of your business along the way – plus paying fees to each – you can pass on all the hassle to us.

So you do more than file tax returns?

Much more. With Priority One, we can give you business forecasts, reports, valuations and recommendations which can help you save money, maximise your business and be the very best it can be, well into the future.

Will my information remain secure and confidential?

Rest assured that your information will be safeguarded by our rigorous internal procedures and up-to-date security technologies.

Right, how do I switch to Priority One?

It’s easy. Simply contact us for an assessment of your business and we’ll handle the rest.

Sounds good, but will this cost me a small fortune?

Not at all! We charge a single fixed fee which effectively replaces the cost of all your current tax planning, business advisory and account keeping services. The fee is based on the unique need of the business, depending on size and workload involved. No lock-in contracts, plus you pay by the month. Contact us for a quote.

Can I pick and choose the services I need?

We offer different service levels to cater to the needs of different businesses, big and small. Some start on our initial Compliance Plan and move up to our Compliance and Payroll or our Complete Plan, depending on their changing needs.

Will it be easy to cancel the service?

Absolutely. With no lock-in contracts and pay-by-the-month billing, you can cancel our services at any time should your circumstances change. We’ll ensure there’s no disruption to your business; in fact, with the best practice approaches we implement, we’re confident we can leave your business more organised and ready for growth.

I love my accountant but he doesn't do everything you do. Can I use you both?

Yes. We’ll do everything your accountant doesn’t currently do – e.g. accounts payable, payroll, etc. We can even present all your figures to your accountant, so you’re able to reduce your accountant’s billable hours – and your overall costs.