Business Solutions

Consolidate your business management and finances all in one seamless transaction

Priority One is a comprehensive business services package which manages a wide spectrum of business and financial administrative needs. We can manage your expenses so you avoid surprise bills, as well as ensuring your business complies with the complex bureaucratic government processes. With Priority One, clients reap the benefits of our streamlined all-in-one service, meaning less paperwork for you, and more time to focus on what really matters – your business.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge across a wide variety of industries, our accounting professionals can tailor a business and financial plan that is individually suited to your business.

To get started with Priority One, check below for our most popular plan options:

  Compliance Compliance + Payroll Complete
ATO Compliance
Tax Planning
Tax Management
Business Advisory
ASIC Compliance
State Revenue Compliance
Workers Compensation
Payroll Processing
Expense Processing
Half yearly & Yearly reports
Credit Management

Untimed billing, agreed fixed fee

Don’t think twice every time you need to ask a question. We’ve ditched billing-by-the-hour so you can feel free to call in, email, or meet us whenever you need. Fixed fees mean lower costs to your business and better access to your accountant.

No Lock-in contract

Unlike other similar services, we don’t lock you in to any minimum contract durations. If your circumstances change, rest assured that you can cancel our services at any time, without incurring any penalty fees.

Easy access to your accountant

You’ll have a dedicated partner and accountant committed to your business, supported by two on-call accountants. Shoot through a question at any time; you’ll have an answer without any downtime. It’s like having an in-house Chief Financial Officer, just for you.

Unlimited calls & emails

We won’t cap the number of calls or emails you can make per month, so you can contact us as often as you need.

Pay by the month

Manage your cash flow with our pay-by-the-month billing. Rather than paying a large lump sum every year, you can enjoy the flexibility of pay-by-the-month billing.

No Surprise invoices

We quote up-front for all costs, working closely with you to reach an agreed fixed fee that covers all the services you need. This way, you know you won’t be hit by unexpected expenses or invoices after you’ve signed on.